Why Buying a Home Is Better Than Getting a Tattoo

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Why Buying A Home Is Better Than Getting A Tattoo

Depending on who you talk to, you may get different answer to which is a better investment, a home or a tattoo. Here’s why I believe buying a home is better:

Reasons to buy a home:  
1. Build equity
2. Create family environment for your kids
3. Enjoy IRS tax advantages

Reasons to get a tattoo:
1. To p*** off your parents
2. To express your individuality, like everyone else

Why buying a house is better:
1. You can’t take 30 years to pay for your tattoo, you can for your home
2. You can buy a home when you’re breastfeeding
3. If the home is the wrong color, you can change it.
4. If you tire of the home you can sell it. If you tire of the tattoo, look up “dermabrasion”

Need I say more? Unless your desire is to go to work in the circus, I think surrounding yourself with a home of your own is better than covering yourself with permanent ink.